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Sending a shipping container to the Philippines is a routine task for many. For those that are doing it for the first time, there are probably many questions that need to be answered. There are many ports to choose from in the Philippines. Whether it is the port of Bugo or the port of Zamboanga, all procedures of sending a shipping container to the Philippines remain the same.

Once departure and destination locations are chosen and the overall weight and contents are confirmed, there are taxes and tariffs that may apply. Depending on whether the shipment is international or domestic, different tariff rates attached to a shipping container to the Philippines will apply. The type of inventory will also dictate whether or not there are any taxes that will charged either at departure or arrival time. The company that is doing the actual shipping will have that information. If there is any further inquiry, one can always ask to the port of destination directly.

The size of a shipping container to the Philippines, method of loading and unloading and the various options of how to handle customs are some of the choices that need to be made when shipping. The explanation of all these choices are straight-forward and can easily be answered by the selected shipping company which offers the shipping container to the Philippines.

Packing and staging inventory for a shipping container to the Philippines is somewhat of an art form. If the packing is left up to the shipping company, the finest and most appropriate materials are selected to ensure that all products and goods arrive at their desired location safely. It may be tempting to save a few dollars by handling the packing and crating privately; however, the risk of damage and breakage may be far greater than the cost of a few dollars. Whenever consumers or businesses choose a shipping container to the Philippines it is essential that packing regulations and regulated item claims are followed. From one port to another, the necessity of keeping everyone and everything safe is a priority.

A common question is how long will it take to get a shipping container to the Philippines? The answer varies. It will depend on where the inventory is being shipped from, the shipping route being utilized and the amount of stops between the original port of departure and the ports of the Philippines. The average time is 3 days to a week. It is easy to track a shipping container to the Philippines as it leaves port, crosses the waterways, and arrives in port. Using tracking numbers and email, up-to-date information is always available.

For consumers and businesses alike, using a shipping container to the Philippines is generally cost effective. Air freight has become increasingly expensive and is often considered an "expedited" service, which is usually not necessary. Sending a loaded shipping container to the Philippines is considered to be a safe, effective, and cost efficient method of making sure belongings and business items arrive in good condition.

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Container Ports in Philippines

There are 10 Container Ports in Philippines: Port of Bacolod, Port of Batam Island, Port of Bugo, Port of Cadiz, Port of Cagayan De Oro, Port of Cebu, Port of Davao, Port of General Santos, Port of General Santos Dadia, Port of Iligan

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